Wonster Words was created in 2015 by MIT and Wharton alumni along with parents who wanted better mobile games for their children. The company is founded on the belief that mobile games have the power to spark a child’s interest in learning.


Our mission is to craft that into an educational experience that is both fun and enriching. Upon this foundation, we have built award-winning games loved by millions of kids worldwide. We believe children’s mobile gaming sits at the intersection of 4 major tributaries:  children’s media, toys, gaming, and education. Consequently, Wonster Words is designed around the following core ideas:• Kids apps should feel like “digital toys.” We want children to actually play with our app! While education is at the base of our gameplay, our goal is to turn enjoyment into engagement.


Our games are about exploration and discovery, not right or wrong. We never want to be “sugar-coated worksheets,” like so many educational games in the market. We encourage learning through repetition, not quizzing.


Children can learn almost anything if it catches their interest! For this reason, we design our stories and games around themes that are popular with children. We strive to provide content that is useful and that inspires the imagination.


"Great for spelling and learning letter sounds. The mini games and little things you can collect are great too. We've had no issues with the app and have had it for some time now."

~ Shawna, Mother of 2